Sunday, January 11, 2009


  • A world economy that completely depends on continuous growth in a finite world can't be good. Can it?

  • I have none of these so-called core muscles. The only things that keep me upright are my spine and sheer force of will. Quit telling me to strengthen my core!

  • Choose-something-from-your-cubicle gift exchanges at work are fun, but at the end of the day you're left with a used coffee mug filled with breath mints and an old issue of People.

  • I always forget Suriname is in South America and, instead, think it's in Africa. Half a million Surinamese are not impressed, I'm sure.

  • When did I let "need" creep in and substitute "want" in my vocabulary? I do not need the following things:

    • a haircut because I think my hair is doing wonky things

    • more groceries when the overflowing shelves of my kitchen do not inspire me

    • a new camera, just because my old one broke

    • a beer after a tough day at work

    (Okay, maybe that last one.)

  • I think everyone should read "Lullabies for Little Criminals" by Heather O'Neill. It's an amazing book that will break your heart, but in a good way.

  • Even though I live in an apartment, I can completely sympathize with homeowners who are tired of shoveling all the snow we've had this winter. I mean, when I'm trying to sleep until noon, and the building managers start with the scraping and the shoveling at TEN? How annoying!


  1. Forgot to mention I love the take something from your cubicle to use in the office gift exchange. That is an awesome idea.

  2. Oops. Also forgot to publish my first comment with originally said,
    LOL. Your sarcasm is showing! ;)

  3. I recommend trying one of those gift exchanges, Teeni. Just don't give anything too nice because you WILL end up with crap!

  4. "A world economy that completely depends on continuous growth in a finite world can't be good. Can it?"

    Ah, nope. But I'm glad you asked. Shows you're light years ahead of a lot of people.

    "When did I let "need" creep in and substitute "want" in my vocabulary?"

    "Need" has always been part of your vocabulary. It's just that you confuse it with "want."

    We recently did a de-junking and "garage sale" at our place. (Actually, we gave most of the stuff away.) We've still got way too much STUFF! (A whole room full, plus multiple odds and ends from one end to the other.) The good news in our lives is that more goes out than comes in, nowadays. It's only taken us a lifetime to figure that out.

    Only problem is, if we all quit buying, what are bankers going to do with all that money they (supposidly) want to lend us, in order to buy more stuff that we probably don't need?

    Hmmmm . . .