Monday, October 12, 2009

Foxy thoughts, pt 2

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians! I know that I should wax poetic about all the wonderful things in my life, but I'm always going on and on here about how grateful I am for absolutely everything. It's sickening, really. So I'm going to make it opposite day today and give you miscellaneous foxy rants.

(See here for an explanation of what makes these foxy.)

Queen of the Parking Lot
  • In Captain Corelli's Mandolin when Nicolas Cage kisses Penélope Cruz, it looks disturbingly like he's going to EAT HER FACE OFF. He's kissing her with such enthusiasm and she's just so freaking little that I thought for a moment it had turned into Captain Corelli's Zombie Musical War Movie. No, really! Watch it again (if you can stand it). Braaaaaaaaaiiiiiins...

The only good wasp is a dead wasp

  • Girls that kiss other girls and like it generally don't then go on to sing those exact words. Usually those are the girls who are just doing it to make their boyfriends all hot and bothered. The rest of us are too busy trying to get to second base.

Back alley treasures

  • I know that democracy is the best form of government that we can come up with and blah blah blah, but does it seem to anyone else like a giant high school popularity contest? I mean, the guy that the majority of the people like gets to run the place because he's so popular that he got the most votes, and then he gives cushy jobs to all his buddies. High school is the pinnacle of society? Am I still asleep? This seems an awful lot like that nightmare I keep having.

Autumn on the prairies

  • I hate when I go to a restaurant with friends and we go up to pay the bill and the server looks at me and asks, "All together?" I feel like if I answer "No, separate," everyone will think I'm cheap. And I AM! I just don't want others to know. So I end up feeling guilted into saying "Yep, together" and paying for everyone. Sometimes I'm awfully silly.

Sunrise on the rooftops

  • Why oh why are people here so surprised by winter every year? Everywhere I go I hear griping: "I can't believe it's so cold already!" or "Why is it snowing?" or "I'm not ready for this weather yet! Bring back the 30°C!" People, it's October and it's Saskatchewan. It gets cold and the snow starts. It's been this way since before I can remember and it'll stay this way until after I'm gone, even with global warming. If you hate it that much, please move.

Dead flowers in the snow


  1. Oh, my bad. I'm one of those people who goes on about how surprising and awful the cold is every year. I DO hate it, and yet I stay. Feel free to flog me with whatever you happen to have on you next time you see me.

  2. PS. Your pop-up comments box has been acting up and doesn't show the scroll bar on the right and is generally making commenting difficult unless I click to make it fill the whole screen. Can I request a non-pop-up comment box choice in your settings?

  3. Ask and ye shall receive. I've changed the comment format. Hopefully it will work better. (Sadly, Blogger makes me pick one way or the other - no choices here.)

    And don't worry, Schmutzie, I'll be sure to carry light things whenever I'm around you so I won't flog you too terribly.