Saturday, January 2, 2010

My year

Forget 2009 being the Year of the Ox - for me it was the year of cancer. My first appointment with my first doctor was in April and the very last day of the year was my 12th radiation treatment. But it was not all doom and gloom! I went on a few fun trips, saw some great shows, discovered I look alright with no hair, and reaffirmed that I have the best friends and family I could ever hope for.

Thanks to Madame Meow for this photo idea!

January: A trip to Winnipeg with shopping, beer, and visiting.
February: Layoffs at work mean lots of empty cubicles.
March: A trip to Calgary included a delicious sushi supper.
April: Sitting and waiting - in doctors' offices, at home, in shoe racks.
May: My lumpectomy.
June: The Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life, this time as a survivor.
July: Far too much fun on a houseboat trip on Shuswap Lake, BC.
August: The Regina Folk Festival.
September: Losing my religion hair.
October: The first snowfall.
November: Done chemo!
December: Radiation. Every. Day.

I resolve to not get attacked by cancer in 2010.

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. I'm so glad that your 2009 is over, and 2010 is going to be cancer free, because I said so!

  2. I love your collage. But most of all, I love your humor and courage. Sending hugs from DC.