Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How odd

I have different hair. It's not completely crazy, but it's also not a cut I've seen often. I have eyebrow-length bangs, longer-than-chin-length pieces that frame my face, and the rest is pretty short. I call it the Reverse Mullet because it's a party in the front and business in the back.

It's the kind of hair that made my grandma say, "Did the hairdresser MEAN to do that?" And then she booked an appointment for me to get my hair set (whatever that means) and took me out to buy a nice blouse and pair of slacks. Gotta love grandmas!

Oh, did I also mention that I FREAKING LOVE MY HAIR? Cause I do.

The other day I was at a pub with a friend and he commented on our server's hair, calling it "odd." It was a bit unusual - short, pixieish, bleached blond with electric blue chunks - but I liked it and told my friend I thought it was funky.

"Of course you think that. Your hair's odd, too."

I was instantly reminded of a dream I had the night before. For some reason I had to break into a fancy hotel room and steal something. I don't remember what I had to steal and I don't remember the reason behind the caper. I don't even remember who gave the order. I do remember thinking how if I got caught, I would undoubtedly be fired from my job.

So I clumsily broke into the hotel room and before I could exit the hotel, an alarm was sounded and everyone was on the look-out for me. As I crept past a security guard, I saw a description of me on his clipboard. Under hair it said "Layered and strange."

I told my friend about the dream and he laughed.

"See! Even YOU think your hair's odd!"

I think I might set him up with my grandma.


  1. I adore your hair. I don't think I would be able to pull it off, but it suits you and I'm envious of it!

    Also, I hope to hang out with you this weekend at the Folk Fest. Si?

  2. YES! I will be at the park ALL weekend. We will get sunburnt and dine on Indian food together, my dear Savia.

    And because you said you like my hair, I won't set you up on a date with my grandma.

  3. I would love to see your hair! I'm glad you are happy with it - too often we are not happy with how we look. But now that I've heard you mention it a couple of times on this blog, I'm all curious. Maybe you can get a friend to take a photo of just your hair if you don't want to show your face? I love funky cuts and colors. I can't wear them myself because I haven't got enough hair, but I do enjoy seeing them. :)

  4. I just fluff mine up into the shape of a helmet and spray the crap out of it. You could drop a tennis ball on my head and I'd never feel it through the starch.

  5. A photo, please...I can't even imagine it.