Wednesday, August 27, 2008

That went well

I recently went for lunch with some friends and we were talking about how a huge age difference in a relationship doesn't always matter. A person might be 45 years old but act 10 years younger, so it's okay if they're dating someone who's 35.

One friend said that sometimes, though, it's just gross. She has an uncle who's in his late 40s who regularly picks up 18- or 19-year olds, and it causes her some discomfort to think about it.

"You think THAT'S creepy," I said. "When I was 12 and I would go stay with my dad, I'd have to go with him to the beer parlour and everyone would ask if I was his girlfriend."

My chuckle was met with a horrified silence.

I thought I was telling an amusing little story. Apparently I was wrong.


  1. Maybe they were just horrified at your use of the term "beer parlour." Do people really say that in Canada?

  2. I chuckled, if that counts for anything.

  3. I don't think very many people other than my dad call them a beer parlour, but that's what he's always called it. It's one of those dark, smelly places that is in the sketchy area of town that serves cheap drinks and has servers who sound like they smoke 3 packs a day and look like they've lived a tough life. I've met people there called T-Bore and Lola and Tiny.

  4. made me chuckle, altho knowing there were horrified silences helped. :)

  5. I've noticed, as I get older, that my male friends, who are even older than I am, are only into 19 year old girls. If I was 19, and one of them tried to pick me up, I'd be disgusted, I'm sure. But they seem to like it. I just don't get it.